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Jan. 30th, 2025

To Do

Challenge Comms

None currently

Prompt Comms

Final Fantasy VII/Naruto crossover verse
3/25 completed, 3,255 words

Shifter AU(FFVII)
1/25 completed, 624 words

Final Fantasy VII/Heralds of Valdemar AU
2/30, 3,005 words

50/50, 12,302 words

20/50, 6,709 words

Fairy Tale AU(FFVII)
15/50, 3,310 words

Nobody AU(KH)
25/50, 7,710 words

Both Sides of the River AU(FFVII)
0/50, 0 words

The Song of the Wolf King, aka Egyptian AU(FFVII)
20/50, 13,066 words

FFVII General Universe
2/14, 1,316 words

Zack Fair: Interconnected COMPLETE
10/10, 15,541 words

Mercverse: Dain af Niohoggr
13/30, 23,057 words

164/484 complete, 86,895 words

With Others:

Sephiroth and Zack

Abel and GirlZack


Yeah, I need to work on some of those before I take anymore prompt communities. Bad author. Stop looking at the communities. And because I'm really bad...

Prompt coms techinically dropped, but only cause they were on LJ

Zack from [info]mercverse COMPLETE
25/25 completed, 9,263 words

13/25, 3,685 words

Mako Reactor
Sephiroth w/girlZackclone
2/100, 1,369 words

40/150, 52,872 words

Bribe List:
Zack invading a country accidentally for [info]sakura_no_prey: Here
Wiggly bits and poofy dresses for [info]dogmatix_san: Here
Wibble fic for [info]artimusdin: Here
Next chapter of AC for [info]ladynero: Here
Turk breakout for [info]madamhydra: Here
FFVII or Howl's Moving Castle fic for [info]chofi
Mercverse girls and Sephiroth interaction for [info]kitty_cracknip

Another Chance-COMPLETE
7 chapters/18,396 words
Everything Changes aka Blind Zack(Joining with prompts)
5 stories/5,379 words
Fresh Beginnings
3 stories/5,646 words
Oh Gracious Twist of Fate aka the story that will never fucking end
15 chapters/53,638 words
Nibelheim Burning aka the fic of a lotta broken people
9 stories/19,847 words
Thy Willful Enemy aka Ninja Zack
5 stories/6,982 words

With [info]skeren

Never Speak It
2 story/19,776 words

Yay for no life?

*still has no life* Let me know if I forgot a bribe fic or anything.

Oct. 14th, 2007

I gots a shiny.

[info]seanmonster lent me Kingdom Hearts. So now I get to play the first one as well. And probably end up smooshed in it. *nods* But it'll be fun.

Also dropped a few of my prompt coms. I'm not doing anything with them, and I am moving slowly away from LJ, so I've dropped several over there. Going to finish my Yaoi Challenge(not a prompt comm, but you get the idea), 25 Streetsigns, 24 Runes, Mako Reactor, and Over Look. The rest of my challenges have been moved to IJ, or are on coms that I first joined over here. Mako Reactor is gonna be the long one, as that's the 100 prompt set that is focused on Sephiroth and the clone girlZack. *pats the girl* I'm half done with Street Signs and Runes, and just need to sit down and finish them and Overlook. Yaoi challenge is almost done, just need to sit down and actually write. I have the plots figured out (Bleach in the Firefly universe, and a FF7/Bleach fusion.) Lots of crack, but lots of fun. I would love to do more fusion challenges like that.

But, whee, KH. Need to sit down and finish FF8 as well. Stupid vehicle and it's need for gas. Stupid missle base for being gods know where.

*randomly uses pretty AC icon*

Jul. 29th, 2007

Hmm. Let's see.

Three more Springkink prompts to go. *cheers* Then I post links to all -forty- of them. I think I've had all of three or four days the entire month where I didn't have something due.

Then, next chapter of AC. Got most of it planned, just need to write it once I've had a day or two of breathing room.

Then my third het challenge fic needs to be finished. It's a Zack/Cloud/Tifa/Aeris one set during the game.

After that, well, I think that's everything that's due-due. Maybe work on my prompt fics. have a bunch of those to do still.

Any votes on what I work on next?

Also, looking for good Kingdom Hearts fic focused on Cloud. Slash, het, gen, anything is good. Just wanting to read some decent fics focused on him.