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Dec. 26th, 2004

Okay, I know that I still owe people Christmas drabbles, and some other drabbles besides that, but I was sick and my crack-muses took over. These were written the same night as the drabble in the previous entry. They are full of angsty!crack filling. The first one is Alter!Series, still not a Gate drabble, and the second was inspired by the first, but is nowhere close to either canon or to Alter!Series.

Alter!Series can be found at the [info]alter_series LJ community. Check it out.

Goals )

And, as I said before, directly inspired by the first drabble is

Should have Planned )

*cackles* The Angst Whore strikes again! *runs away to hide*

Nov. 12th, 2004

This is just the first part of this story. What story it will be, I'm not sure. It might be the dreaded Rejection fic that I've been taunting some of you with, it might be a new threesome story, it might end up being something totally different. Heavily inspired/influenced by another fic. You get a cookie if you can guess what it's inspired by.

Kiss )

As I said, I'm not sure where it's going. Depends on how the next few days go, and what I read during them. *whistles as she walks away* I like this being evil thing.

Nov. 11th, 2004

Yep, it's angst. Yep, I had a pissy day. Yep, there is death. Yep, it's meant to be confusing and rushed feeling. Read at your own risk, and if you do, enjoy.

Hurt )

Wanted to write a angry Roy/Ed, with pouncing and fighting and smut, but I can't get them to cooperate with me on that. Sorry.

Nov. 7th, 2004

Fiction, Lust!Roy, and Pride!Ed

Woot! We have both fic and pictures. Link to both is under the cut. Note, the pictures came first, but Pride!Ed inspired the story. So it's almost a reverse illustration.

Since I know there are now newbies floating around, spoilers for the end of FMA. Enter at your own risk.

Unexpected )


Nov. 6th, 2004

Hehe. Still nothing done on NaNo. I'm falling behind.

This is dedicated to the Fabric Alchemist and her donation of the song Cold by Crossfade. Equivalent trade for the Lust!Roy drawing has now been done.

Cold )

I really should work on NaNo.

And it's 6-11-04. The alchemists are coming. *grins*

Nov. 5th, 2004

For Pride

This is for Pride, who stuck the idea in my head. I hope your day gets better. Not as smutty as I would have liked, but maybe I'll continue it and put real smut in it.

Temptation )

I'm rather proud of this. Half an hour of typing, and now it's off to NaNo.

Nov. 2nd, 2004

*grins like a madwoman* [info]moneko kept her word, and drew me fanart for my fic Hunger. It is most not safe for work, or anyplace someoen would yell at your for looking at nake threesome pr0n. Elricesty and Roy goodness. *drools* I'm so happy.

Yummy Goodness

Oct. 31st, 2004

*blinks in confusion* Once again, not sure where this came from. Let me know what you think.

Perfect )

Oct. 29th, 2004

I don't know where this came from. I thought I had gotten the angst out of my system, but I guess not. Had a really good day, too. Got to see Lust!Roy pic my friend did, one that had me drooling. Had an amusing scene planned out for the muses to do, and a scene from Hidden Costs to write.

Then I had some really nasty people come through my line. My bad attitude combined with a fic that Lust is co-writing, and this is the result. I blame both Lust and annoying customers. I like Lust's contribution much more than the customers.

Regret )

Purge, angst, purge. Get out of my system before I write Hidden Costs.

Oct. 28th, 2004

*blinks* I have no words for this, other than it's [info]ninkasa's fault. All her's.

Wake Up )

Oct. 15th, 2004

This is for [info]mikkeneko and [info]kaltia, as they commented on the last one. First part should look a bit familiar. How you guys enjoy this one.

Hidden Costs )

Looky, it's got a title and everything, now.

Oct. 14th, 2004

This is all [info]mikkeneko's fault. Really.

“Al! Let him go, now!” )

Oct. 8th, 2004

*sniggers* Yet another crackfic! Enjoy.

Wrecks )

I'm a crackhead. But I'm a happy one.

Oct. 7th, 2004

Woop! Roy/Ed/Al smut. Go me! Second time ever writing smut, first time for FMA, and I'm doing a threesome. Why, yes, I am insane.

Hunger )

I'm also nuts because I'm not only doing NaNoWriMo this November, I'm also going to Sugoicon as well. I'll be sitting in line somewhere, discussing slashy pairings and working on my fic.

Oct. 6th, 2004

More drabbles are done. Here we go.

For [info]wiccat, we have, at 243 words, Love at First Sight )

Next, for [info]dana_fields, final wordcount of 226, is untitled )

And now, for the last of today's bunch, is the drabble for [info]crazythorn. It rests at 473 words, and is called Free Falling )

I've decided that you guys are picking pairings and line just to ask for strange things. *shrugs* Of course, I've done the same thing. *grins* I try to rise to the challenge. Hope you guys enjoy these.

Sep. 29th, 2004

Gah! More bunnies. Not even good, smutty bunnies. Just weirdness. My boyfriend laughed at me because he could actually see this bunny being born. It shook off it's dust coat and immediately started to drain me of blood. Stupid bunny.

FMA Snippet )

This came from the fact of me realizing that they have the exact same shaped eyes. Seriously, check it out. It's a growing story, and I can't make it stop.

Crossposted at [info]icedark_elf and [info]ffbunnyfarm

Sep. 28th, 2004

This is all [info]anax fault. She encouraged me, and I'm steadily working my way towards smut. Not quite there yet, but she encouraged me, so if you hate it, give her more feedback. The more she writes, the more distracted I am, the less I write. If you like it, give her more feedback. The more she writes, the more I'm inspired, the more drabbles I come up with. Actually, you should just feedback her fic. It's a pretty one.

And, on with my strangeness. This is slightly AU, as in Hughes is still alive. It's from a story idea I'm working on for NaNoWriMo, and there is an actual reason behind Hughes' mysterious return, but you can know it yet.

Elricest with a guest star. Implied stuff, nothing graphic, though I'm working on it. *grins* Yay, smut. But not here.

Touch )

crossposted at [info]elricest

Sep. 22nd, 2004

This was written because Katrina is a crackhead. No rhyme or reason to this, just something that popped up in my strange little mind. Slashy, because that's what I like.

FMA snippet )

As I said, Katrina is a crackhead. *shakes head* I'm a freak. But a happy one. *grins*

This is also going up on [info]ffbunnyfarm

Jul. 23rd, 2004

Drabble #2

Here's the drabble from the second request from the meme. Don't know what that is? Check out my LJ entry from a from the 21st of this month. This is for [info]maaya1x2 who requested a FMA, with Ed/Win, the line of "The Rockbell girl, Fullmetal?" Win doesn't appear, per say, but she and Ed are together. As I've said before, I haven't written much in this fandom, so some OOC may appear. Also, everyone is a bit older. I've seen up to episode 27.

Drabble #2 )

It's rather hard to keep this at under 500 words. This one's at 499, and that's after I cut stuff. I'm thinking about taking this drabble and the one for [info]ninkasa and making a full story out of it. They are connected, after all. Hope you enjoyed it. Let me know. Also, the drabble line is still open, and I will take more than one request, if you have several. I'm a fanfic whore, yes, I know.
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Jul. 22nd, 2004

Drabble #1

This is for [info]ninkasa, who requested a FMA with Roy/Ed and the line "Sensei hadn't covered THIS in their training." Having never written FMA, but enjoying the anime greatly, I'm going to give it a shot. I apologize it it seems OOC. Set in the future. Word count: 402

Drabble #1 )

Hey, Ninkasa, if you want, want to trade another set of challenges?
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