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Jan. 8th, 2010

*amused* You know, it's rather funny at work lately.

Most of the people I work with are in blatant shock when I tell them I'm going to be 30 this year. Which amuses me greatly.

Less than a month, then I can start teasing my mom more.

*waves birthday wishes at you people* Watch me be shameless. Help me glee. Send me postcards. *grins* I'm fascinated by stamps and cards from various areas, and I shamelessly ask for them now. It would be cool, and I plot on sticking any I get on my wall.

*hangs up attention whore banner*

So, I've been entertaining myself lately with timewasting sites. Let's see some of the ones I'm on.

Lovely Listings
People of Walmart
It Made My Day
There, I Fixed It
Passive Aggressive Notes
Epic Win FTW
Friends of Irony

Of course, TV Tropes is the sinkhole full of quicksand and glue of the interwebs.

Any other suggestions?

Oct. 29th, 2007

Just got the call that my brother is being called over to Iraq. Goes in January, won't be back for a year. My mom's upset about it, and I can't blame her.

This is not going to be fun. Not at all.

Oct. 5th, 2007

Oooh, productive day today. Cut, cause long

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Feb. 17th, 2004

*waves back at [info]elvaron

Yay! Fellowslash is going fairly well. Have gotten going on it. And we've got a lot to do before August. If anyone is reading this, check us out. Fellowslash is a LotR slash convention I started a few years ago. www.fellowslash.org is the address, check us out.

Been a nerveracking day, today has been. Got a call from my mom to tell me that I might end up being an aunt again in the next few days. My brother and his wife are expecting, only there have been some problems with the baby. Now the doctors are saying that the earlier they have the baby, the better chance it has of survival. So there may be a C-section done in the next day or so. Kinda scary. Got this call during the middle of the day, so I fidgeted about it all night. Not to mention that people can smell when you have new information. My brother and I work at the same place, and people hit me up for information instead of him for two reasons.

One: they don't want to upset my brother. Okay, perfectly reasonable, but I'm ready to stage a crying fit just so they leave me alone. This whole situation has been stressful for me as well, since I have to play strong one for my brother and my mom, too. She's playing strong for my brother, and I get to be there for her to lean on. *fidgets* Ready to scream. If nothing else, I'm most likely have a breakdown at a friend's. It'll freak them out, but at least they won't have the additional stress of having a personal link to it.

Two: my brother has to be the most useless source of information ever. You ask him a question and you get a single word answer. No wonder people come to me. I get my info from my mom, who get's it from my brother's wife. I swear, without women in this world, nobody would know anything.

And the way I'm dealing with stress it to write. At least it keeps me occupied with something besides sharp objects. My arms are scarred up enough as it is.

Anyway, here's the rough draft of my latest thing. Tell me what you think. It's Saiyuki, yet another one in a kinda modern setting. When, I have no clue.

snipper )

Your first meeting didn't go so well, though it was
amusing. XD The 'seme' figure was living the
most boring life until the 'uke' figure came
along and brought along such mischief that his
life was no longer boring at all! There is some
yelling involved, but it's only because he
cares. The 'seme' figure is going to be very
protective, so don't be too surprised if he
expresses relief in finding out you're okay
with a good whack or two...

Which Saiyuki Pairing Are You? (Revised)
brought to you by Quizilla

Your relationship is an odd one, surely. You both
clash, but it's hard to explain how. One of you
is easily irritated and abusive, while the
other is whiny and always asking questions. A
lot of people seem to see you as a typical D&S
pairing, and one of you always seems to be
turned into a fragile girl in fanfics, thus
rendering you often out-of-character. However,
in character, you have a special bond that
seems impossible to break... though you
wouldn't dare tell anyone, would you?

Which Saiyuki Pairing Are You? (Revised)
brought to you by Quizilla