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Jun. 6th, 2011

*makes happy glurby sounds at the E3 AC:R trailer*

So much shiny....

Dec. 5th, 2007

Had an interesting night.

Watched the first episodes of a few different anime, just to see if I might like them.

Trinity Blood: Pretty good. I've read some of the manga, and I'd like to check out more of it. I've also heard enough about this that the plot interests me, and I can't wait for it to show up more. Though the hat the woman wears makes me laugh, as it's bigger than her entire body, I swear.

Dragonaut-The Reasonance: Sounds like a White Wolf game, decent. Super busty women+low, low cut tops=lots of fanservicey cleavage. Still, pretty decent. Will have to watch more. Main character has angst and duckbutt hair. Is there a rule that for ever so many angsty anime characters, one has to have bird-butt hair?

Devil May Cry: Was sitting there, trying to figure out how I knew Dante's voice before I realized it was the seiyuu for Sephiroth. Mmm, silver hair bishies who carry big swords and kick much ass. Yum. Like it, lots of blood and gore. Never played the game, so I'm curious how many jokes I'm probably missing.

Also have, but haven't watched yet Tales of Symphonia, Claymore, and Blue Drop. Claymore I've read the first part of the manga. From somewhere. But I do know it. So that'll be interesting.

Read the first chapter of Zombie Powder, done by the same person who does Bleach. Apparently it's unfinished, as the manga-ka was having issues, at least that's what I've seen mentioned a few places. Pretty good so far, and you can definitely see the same art style that's in Bleach.

I'll bring the anime that I have over next time I'm there, [info]seanmonster, so that'll be fun.

I also have the 11 episode run of Zombie-Loan, and if anyone knows where I can find the manga past book three, please, let me know.

Oct. 30th, 2007


I'm subbing for my mom today, and I can hear the other class when it's quiet in this room. And given it's my prep period, I can hear them pretty good.

Wasn't really paying attention till I -though- I heard this.

"And then you have to dig to find the good porn."

And I went ....bwah? at my brain and listened to them talking about things that had nothing to do with porn whatsoever.

I'm so bad at times.

Edit: Okay, now this place is just out to make me double take. Got a thing here, on the screen, called Ienova. Only the I looks like a J. Thus, Jenova.

Yeah, yeah, go ahead, laugh. I did.

Oct. 15th, 2007

Random story bit, pulled from a fic in the works:

Sephiroth reached out and almost casually tore out what he had woven in when this journey had started. Looking at the blond, he waved, dropping him to the side.

"You're of no further use," he said, focusing on the Black Materia. He didn't even bat an eye when the lifestream came rushing up through the floor, and swept Cloud away. The child had done what he had been useful for, and now Sephiroth could work on his plans. Later, he would kill Cloud, but now, he had a soul to repair.

Oct. 14th, 2007

I gots a shiny.

[info]seanmonster lent me Kingdom Hearts. So now I get to play the first one as well. And probably end up smooshed in it. *nods* But it'll be fun.

Also dropped a few of my prompt coms. I'm not doing anything with them, and I am moving slowly away from LJ, so I've dropped several over there. Going to finish my Yaoi Challenge(not a prompt comm, but you get the idea), 25 Streetsigns, 24 Runes, Mako Reactor, and Over Look. The rest of my challenges have been moved to IJ, or are on coms that I first joined over here. Mako Reactor is gonna be the long one, as that's the 100 prompt set that is focused on Sephiroth and the clone girlZack. *pats the girl* I'm half done with Street Signs and Runes, and just need to sit down and finish them and Overlook. Yaoi challenge is almost done, just need to sit down and actually write. I have the plots figured out (Bleach in the Firefly universe, and a FF7/Bleach fusion.) Lots of crack, but lots of fun. I would love to do more fusion challenges like that.

But, whee, KH. Need to sit down and finish FF8 as well. Stupid vehicle and it's need for gas. Stupid missle base for being gods know where.

*randomly uses pretty AC icon*

Oct. 12th, 2007

*keeps having giggle fits*

I swear, my brain is so odd at time. Was watching [info]skeren playing KHII, and she ran into Sephiroth. You know, the whole scene where he wants to smoosh you flat. Which he did. In about ten seconds. And I howled. Why?

Cause now, One Winged Angel, aka Song Squeenix love long time, is equal in my brain to "Death from above!"

Hear that song? You smoosh. Unless you're Cloud. But if you aren't, you smoosh. Fast. Walking through the woods, hear Song Squeenix Love Long Time, yell, because that's all you'll get out before you smoosh.

Whee for posts after no sleep and lots of Khaos!

Edit: Ichigo, why are you such a trouble maker? Rukia is going to kick your ass for that. *goes back to writing Yaoi Challenge fic* Ah, Bleach+Firefly. What a combo.

Oct. 6th, 2007

Okay, tired of tagging.

Got 2004 tagged as much as I'm going to. No more tags in that year. Yay. Am going to start on 2005 eventually. *sighs* I know, I lose at organization.

Cleared out my flist on LJ. Took a lot of coms off, and it's amazing how much my reading dropped when that happened. Scary.

And I finally give in. Anyone have good House fic they can recommend me?

Oct. 5th, 2007

Oooh, productive day today. Cut, cause long

RL babble )


fandom babble )

Oct. 2nd, 2007

Just got all set up for Nano.

Yep, still insane, obviously. *nods* Good to know.

*uses Plot Ninjas icon from last Nano* And off we go. My name is GW Katrina over there, like always. So if you join as well, give me a poke so that I might buddy you.

Idle Observation

I was watching [info]skeren finish FFVII last night, and I noticed something. It's one of those things you process, but don't register.

Cloud's outfit is black/blue-black.

I know in all the rest of the game, he's got that purplish thing on in the graphics, but in the last movie, after you kill Sephiroth and watching the whole "Wheee, everyone's alive, oh, fuck, what about Meteor. Ooh, shiny Holy and Lifestream" bit, Cloud's uniform is dark.

This makes me happy, for some reason.

And that was my random babble for the moment. Going to my interview at Moore's Security today. Hope I get a call back from them. Or Dr. Bizers. Or St. Judes.

Sep. 27th, 2007

Finished FFVII again. The urge to write that bunny where most of humanity gets turned into animals and plants, with just a few exceptions, rose up again. *shoots it*

As [info]skeren pointed out, was listening to a mix of OWA, and it was hilarious, cause Cloud's Omnislash went in perfect time to it, with even the pause matching up. Scary, and shiny at once.

Final Attack+Phoenix is awesome.

Sep. 26th, 2007

I think my dogs chased a skunk. I can smell it through the back window. Stupid dogs.

*pokes at fics, then settles down to reread Gracious so can refresh memory on what exactly has happened so far*

And I curse FFVII for it's insistance on giving me yellows instead of the greens or blues I need. *pouts at it*

This has been your random babble at the moment.

Sep. 25th, 2007

Make the Angeal/Cloud bunny go away. Please?

Edit: And damn you, [info]kiraya and [info]bard_linn. I hate you both. I don't need to write Angeal/Cloud/Zack/Sephiroth. I especially don't need to try to figure out how to get Aeris in on that. *sets bunnies on fire* Come, Fire3, do your thing.

Sep. 14th, 2007

Kay. Bag packed, boarding passes printed, ride secured to meet Sam.

It's happening tonight. Flying out to meet my LJ wifey and friend and bringing her back.


*flails wildly*

So if you don't see me over the enxt few day, that would be why.

Sep. 6th, 2007

Random is my name

Interesting last few days.

Watched the end of The Count of Monte Cristo. *can't remember the proper anime title, too tired to look it up right now* That is awesome shiny, and does little dances for slashy fangirls.

Scared the shit out of a snake. All over my hand. Snakes are rank. *nods* It was trying to crawl into the dryer vent and I wasn't going to let another snake do that. Managed to snag it, and it coiled around my arm and was most stinky. Used it to scare the shit out of my mom, then went to let it go in the woods, where it high tailed it.

Playing FFVIII. And FFVII(again) Just got done with the Tomb of the Unknown King in VIII, and breeding chocobos in VII. I love breeding chocobos. They're fun. And those are two very different systems.

Leaving the 14th to go collect [info]skeren. [info]kemis, you're next. One day, we will show up outside your house and spirit you away. Keep a passport ready.

Lots of things going on. Time for a breath or two before continuing the chaos.

Aug. 25th, 2007

Random babble time:

I have a Naruto/FFVII fusion bunny. Make it go away. My "Cloud as Naruto's father/sibling/cousin" bunny from this picture has joined my "Zack as a Uchiha" bunny from all the recent pictures of him.


Maybe I just need to write a list of bunnies, and then -burn- it or something.

And I'm looking at three cities for a slash-based con. Indianapolis, Columbus, and Louisville. Any suggestions/ideas/preferences? I want a con that people can go to and have fun.

What kind of panels and such would you want to see? Prices for admission? Should we start off with a one day con or should it be at least a weekend? If I made a community for this, would you join? I know we'd have an Artist Alley, and prices for tables would be ten, twenty dollars. Ideas for people to come for the Dealer's Room? It's a pan-fandom con, so it can be more than just anime. Suggestions, ideas? Anything is welcomed.

We were looking at Feb for the con, as that is relatively low-con activity compared to some months.

Aug. 24th, 2007

*has con-making bug again*

A few people and I've talked about this before.

Tempted to restart Fellowslash and set it up as a multifandom con. Just a big old slash con, set in Louisville or someplace close like that.

Anyone else interested in a con that is in the Midwest/East area of the country? Gods know I can't be the only one who can't fly out to Yaoi-con who wants to meet and hang out with a lot of fellow slash fans.

Aug. 20th, 2007

Well, back from Gen Con.

Had a lot of fun. When up with a friend, well, was kidnapped. Ran into a guy cosplaying Sephiroth who was all for the yaoi. He was awesome in awesomesauce. Quiet, but pretty cool to talk to.

Got arrested into Klingon Jail. One of my crimes was writing tentacle porn without a license. Poor man who read my arrest warrant.

Totally want to make a slash based con in the midwest area now. Would anyone be interested in going if we did start one in, say, Louisville?

Aug. 15th, 2007

Bleach/Firefly bunnies. No, you sit right there and wait your turn. I have Het Challenge and AC to do next. *swats bunny noses* Yes, I'm happy you've figured out how you want things arranged. Not yet, though.

Also, you, [info]mix_n_make song bunnies. Shush. I don't need to write about Barret and Dyne Right This Second.

Aug. 14th, 2007

For those of you who run prompt coms and have me friended, I must pimp out this place.

[info]150_asylums, a nice, central location for those of us who make and run prompt coms of all sorts. Run by the same girl who does it on LJ. Go and get your stuff up, just because it's nice to see things in a central location.

I guess I should pimp my coms as well, hmm?

I run the following:

[info]genderswitch-For those of us who likes boys as girls, and girls as boys.
[info]gen_challenge-Give and pick prompts for gen fics. Currently accepting prompts
[info]evil_fans_unite-For those of us who like to do bad things to the characters.
[info]30for3-A prompt com for those of us who likes to write threesomes and moresomes.
[info]story_arc-Use the prompts to write or draw a continuous story arc. Prompt sets range from 5-30.
[info]mix_n_make-Put together a playlist, then write or draw what that music inspires.

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