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Sep. 20th, 2009

Posting to pimp out the [info]multifandomkink comm. For people who like doing Kink Memes, here's one where you can suggest fandoms and set up as many kink memes in one place that we can. Can post with your journal or anonymous. Come check it out, and feel free to suggest fandoms and put in prompts.

Jan. 6th, 2008

Just wanted to let those who read my journal know that [info]in_variance is taking on new players.

What's IV? Basically, a world much like our own, with a few minor changes. Such as the fact that Europeans never got a firm foothold in America. Or things like terror birds and sabertooth cats never died out. Where fairies, nature spirits, and much more live.

There's only one place where you can talk to those around you, and nobody there is sure how they got there. Physical changes are a possibility, as are strange magical accidents. The owner of the house is working on getting her unexpected guests adapted to the world, but people are a bit distracted at relearning their surroundings.

Want to wander into the chaos? Contact myself or [info]skeren about joining.

Sep. 3rd, 2007

More coms

For those of you who like to mix a fandom here with a bit of spice from a fandom there, who like to see what happens when you toss them into the blender and set it on high.

Fandom Fusion is for fusion fics, where you merge worlds together and see what comes of it. All fandoms are welcome, and it is a com for anyone to share on, though there will be optional challenges if you chose. Got an idea? Write it, draw it, anything you want, and share it. We like the odder mixes here, and everyone is welcome.

This is a het/gen/slash friendly com. Please make sure to mark things clearly and if you don't think you'll like it, don't look at it.


Now moved from LJ

The Mercverse is a FF7 AU world spawned by various pics people sent me or I found roaming the mass of sites I can't understand. They were full of shinies. Some of the pics are here. If you know of others, send them my way and I'll be more than willing to go "ooh, shiny" and probably write more fic.

The universe is completely open. Only canon at all is the following: Cloud is immortal, Sephiroth is a mage adept, Zack is more than human, and Vincent and Chaos are half-demon twin brothers. Other than that...have at thee. Want to bring in other fandoms, ignore everything else besides what I just said was canon, or anything else? Feel free to do so.


Came from a crack idea and the fact it seemed to spawn a lot of response. Naruto. Final Fantasy VII. Two huge fandoms. Now mix the two and see what happens. Pretty specialized fusion fic, but strangely appealing.

Yeah, yeah, go ahead. Mock me more.

Aug. 14th, 2007

For those of you who run prompt coms and have me friended, I must pimp out this place.

[info]150_asylums, a nice, central location for those of us who make and run prompt coms of all sorts. Run by the same girl who does it on LJ. Go and get your stuff up, just because it's nice to see things in a central location.

I guess I should pimp my coms as well, hmm?

I run the following:

[info]genderswitch-For those of us who likes boys as girls, and girls as boys.
[info]gen_challenge-Give and pick prompts for gen fics. Currently accepting prompts
[info]evil_fans_unite-For those of us who like to do bad things to the characters.
[info]30for3-A prompt com for those of us who likes to write threesomes and moresomes.
[info]story_arc-Use the prompts to write or draw a continuous story arc. Prompt sets range from 5-30.
[info]mix_n_make-Put together a playlist, then write or draw what that music inspires.

Dec. 17th, 2004

House of Smex Archive

The House of Smex archive is now located on the LJ community of [info]houseofsmex For those of you who don't want to check out the whole community, here's the direct link to the archive.

House of Smex Archive


Nov. 16th, 2004

Since I showed this at anime club and was told that I had to provide a link *grins* here it is.



Nov. 12th, 2004

*sniggers* I love being blamed for prettiness. [info]hime1999 drew the Sins, recasted from the "good guys". Check them out here.

*purrs* I'm so glad I'm a bad influence. *feels the urge to work on her Philosopher Stone!Ed and the Homunculi fic*

Sep. 18th, 2004

*grins* That's right, it's time for more fanfic recommendations.(and I'm sure I'm still not spelling that right) I have a few, scattered over several fandoms, and I hope you check them out.

First is The Twelve Days of Christmas by SilverLily aka Blood Moon. This fic is a wonder Yu-gi-oh! AU, which I find absolutely great. It's got humor, slashy goodness, a sometimes goofy Yami, and a yummy snarky Yugi. If you like YGO at all, I'd suggest this one to you. Slashy, nothing too graphic, AU

Next is Sleeps With Coyotes' Slash Fiction This person is my personal god, especially for Full Metal Alchemist fic. I won't post direct links here, because the three fics I really recommend have an NC-17 rating for a damn good reason. Besides, I want you to check out some of her other stuff. But the three I really recommend are Albedo, Citrinitas, and Rubedo. This are wonderful, wonderful fics that deal with a way to gain the Philosopher's Stone that doesn't require a human sacrifice. The interaction between the characters is interesting, and the sex is hot. *drools* You should also check out her other FMA fics, and they either have me laughing or chocking on drool. *grins* Slash, very graphic

Last for today is one for you Harry Potter fans. This one is called Beautiful World by the very talented Cinnamon. I've read some of her other stuff, but this is the first think of her's I ever read. This story actually drove me to tears, it's so wonderfully done. The character interaction between everyone is excellent, and it's moving in ways I can't quite describe. I'm a huge Harry/Draco fan, and this story makes me love the pairing even more. Even if you aren't a fan of H/D, I really suggest this one. Cinnamon takes what some might believe an impossible pairing and makes it work logically and with glorious detail.

That's it for today. I hope you enjoys these fics as much as I did, and don't forget to give our hungry authors some feedback.

Apr. 6th, 2004

What Type of Anime Fanfic Are You? )

Got this from [info]iapetusneume Somehow, the answer was sadly appropriate. *grins*

Hey, everyone, it's time for more story recs )

Wow. Big update, even if most of it was cut. Also, I've updated my webpage, found at thetemple.freeservers.com

Mar. 19th, 2004

Finally, something for those of us who enjoy a good Kougaiji/Sanzo, or Sanzo/Kougaiji fic, image, or just the idea of the pairing. Check it out, the KougaijixSanzo ML is now active.


For those who like the idea of Kougaiji and Sanzo. Of course, either one on top is fine. ^^

Mar. 18th, 2004

New fic archive out there. http://www.geocities.com/saiyukiobsession/
Mostly Goku centric, and full of several excellent stories. And, no, I'm not referring to mine. Though I am extremely flattered that I was asked to donate. Check it out.

Mar. 17th, 2004

Fic Recs

Well, I see these type of things all over the internet, and thought, why not? I'll promote my favorite fics. Let others get an idea on what I like to read. Who knows, maybe they'll get interested too.

And Time Again by sf -- Saiyuki
If you read Saiyuki and enjoy it even the littlest bit, check out this story. One of those reincarnation fics that is done incredibly well. Though there is a bit of warning about this fic. It is a work-in-progress.

Actually, I would recommend just about any of sf's stories, but this one, as well as Cycle of Karma, really stand out to me in her Saiyuki stories. I find myself reading and rereading And Time Again on the average of every two weeks. Excellent story. You can find it on sf's fanfiction.net profile

At a Minute or Two 'Till Two, Today by Kasey -- Outlaw Star
Kasey and I both started major Outlaw Star projects at roughly the same time. Mine has not quite been finished, as in I was sucked into another fandom, but Kasey's is a work of art. I love the styling, and she makes a logical and interestingly told story on exactly a Gene/Fred story could come to be. If you like OLS, I highly recommend this fic. Check it out at her ff.net profile.

Centralize by D-Chan -- Saiyuki
A Saiyuki AU story that is both interesting and unique. Of course, I am a big fan of both D-Chan's stories and her artwork, several pieces which have been printed out and now decorate my wall. Still, Centralize stands out to me in some undefinable way that makes me love it. She introduces the characters in interesting ways, and yet still has them interact in ways that make them they guys we all know and love. If I ever form a Saiyuki Fanfic Appreciation Club, D-Chan and sf will be at the top of my list to honor. Centralize can be found at D-Chan's profile, once again found at FF.net.

Only Second Best by PapillionStar -- Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series
This is one of the few "Canard returns" MD fics that I can actually stand, and one of two that I like. For something that happens on a regular basis in the fandom, very few people can get it right. PapillionStar is one of them. She has a style that appeals to my tastes, and that I, once again, go back to read from time to time. Only Second Best is located here, once again at a profile found at ff.net.

I guess this is enough for this time around. There are quite a few others I would recommend, ranging from fandoms as widespread as Pirates of the Caribbean to Dragonball Z to Lord of the Rings to Godzilla: The Animated Series. Maybe I'll do this every week or so. So many stories need to be told about. But, if you like the fandoms mentioned, take a moment to look over these stories. I don't think you'll regret it.

Mar. 9th, 2004

Random sponsering. Check out Bane-Huntress's site if you've never been there. Excellent galleries, full of pretty goodness.