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Feb. 1st, 2019

Fic: Hunger of Flesh, Longing for Ease 5/5

Title: Hunger of Flesh, Longing for Ease
Prompt: Five 05: Blood
Fandom: One Piece
Characters: Donquixote Doflamingo, Donquixote Rosinante
Rating/Warning(s): Mature, cannibalism and murder
Word Count: 853
Summary Childhood trauma did not help Doflamingo's sanity. It didn't help Rosinante's very much either. He just hides it better.

Most of the time.

AKA: The serial killer AU that I wasn't expecting to write

Chapter Five: Law needs to eat. Rosi doesn't hesitate.

Apology(ao3 link)

And done! Completed this arc~

Jan. 30th, 2019

Fic: Fever Bright(One Piece Cyberpunk AU)

Title: Fever Bright
Day/Prompt: [community profile] 31_days: 30-1-19: i am burning. i am not consumed.
[community profile] story_arc: Ten 04: Fever
Fandom: One Piece
Characters: Donquixote Rosinante, Trafalgar D. Law, Bepo, Shachi, Penquin
Rating/Warning(s): Teen
Word Count: 945
Summary: Ope Ope finally works on the source of Amber Lead.

Part three of the Cyberpunk AU. Follows Humans and Machines and Mechanical Truths

Fever Bright(ao3 link)

Jan. 26th, 2019

Mechanical Truths[One Piece]

Title: Mechanical Truths
Day/Prompt: [community profile] 31_days 26-1-19: still unknown to each other & not knowing
[community profile] story_arc Ten 04: Learn
Fandom: One Piece
Character: Trafalgar D. Law, Donquixote Rosinante
Rating/Warning(s): Teen
Word Count: 952
Summary Learning some of what Cora-san is startles Law, but he knows what he can and can't live with.

Sequel to Humans and Machines

Mechanical Truths(ao3 link)

Jan. 4th, 2019

Weekly fic roundup

[community profile] 31_days

Title: Humans and Machines
Day/Prompt: [community profile] 31_days 4-1-19: See this handful of birds I release on the church steps? I do this to remind you
[community profile] story_arcTen 04: Balance
Fandom: One Piece
Character/Pairing: Donquixote “Corazon” Rosinante, Trafalgar D. Law
Rating/Warning(s): PG
Word Count: 1,739
Summary Law is more human than not. And discovers that Cora is less human than he thought.

Humans and Machines(ao3 link)

Title: Lies
Day/Prompt: 3-1-19: your unutterable name, this growl in my throat
Fandom: Bleach
Character/Pairing: Hollow Ichigo
Rating/Warning(s): G
Word Count: 138
Summary In Ichigo’s mind, his hollow waits

Lies(ao3 link)

Title: Smile
Day/Prompt: 2-1-19: and we will never die, not one of us, we'll go on won't we?
Fandom: One Piece
Character/Pairing: Portgas D. Ace
Rating/Warning(s): PG
Word Count: 240
Summary Ace always expected to die

Smile(ao3 link)

Title: Birth of a Demon
Day/Prompt: 1-1-19: something has tried to kill me and has failed
Fandom: One Piece
Character/Pairing: Donquixote Doflamingo
Rating/Warning(s): None
Word Count: 412
Summary The World Nobles tried to kill him. Doflamingo does not appreciate it.

Birth of a Demon(ao3 link)

[community profile] drabble_zone

Title: Fireworks
Fandom: Bleach
Author: Icedark_elf
Characters/Pairing: Kurosaki Ichigo, Kurosaki Karin, Kurosaki Yuzu
Rating: G
Challenge: 121-Fireworks
Summary: Ichigo. His sisters. A Festival.
Disclaimer: Only the story is mine

Fireworks(ao3 link)

[community profile] 100words

Title: Report
Fandom: One Piece
Rating: G
Notes: N/A

Report(ao3 link)

[community profile] dailyprompt

Title: Just Before Dawn
Fandom: One Piece
Characters: Donquixote Doflamingo, Donquixote Rosinante
Warning: Implied incest

Just Before Dawn

Title: Hangover
Fandom: One Piece
Characters: Donquixote Rosinante
Words: 289

Hangover(ao3 link)

Wordcount: 3,649
Total for month: 3,649