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Aug. 25th, 2007

Random babble time:

I have a Naruto/FFVII fusion bunny. Make it go away. My "Cloud as Naruto's father/sibling/cousin" bunny from this picture has joined my "Zack as a Uchiha" bunny from all the recent pictures of him.


Maybe I just need to write a list of bunnies, and then -burn- it or something.

And I'm looking at three cities for a slash-based con. Indianapolis, Columbus, and Louisville. Any suggestions/ideas/preferences? I want a con that people can go to and have fun.

What kind of panels and such would you want to see? Prices for admission? Should we start off with a one day con or should it be at least a weekend? If I made a community for this, would you join? I know we'd have an Artist Alley, and prices for tables would be ten, twenty dollars. Ideas for people to come for the Dealer's Room? It's a pan-fandom con, so it can be more than just anime. Suggestions, ideas? Anything is welcomed.

We were looking at Feb for the con, as that is relatively low-con activity compared to some months.

Aug. 22nd, 2007

*sighs at the bunny clinging to leg*

Damnit, [info]kemis, you and the fan art you find.

No, brain, you still have nine thousand other fics to work on. I don't need to write one where Cloud ends up taking care of tiny silver haired chibis.

No. Bad brain. Bad.

Aug. 15th, 2007

Bleach/Firefly bunnies. No, you sit right there and wait your turn. I have Het Challenge and AC to do next. *swats bunny noses* Yes, I'm happy you've figured out how you want things arranged. Not yet, though.

Also, you, [info]mix_n_make song bunnies. Shush. I don't need to write about Barret and Dyne Right This Second.

Aug. 5th, 2007

Well, I got most of my casting done for the damned FFVII/Ladyhawke fusion thing. The fun part has been figuring out how to mix and match the worlds.

Bishop: Hojo
Marquet: Genesis
Phillipe: Yuffie
Navarre: Zack
Brother Imperius: Cid
Cezar: Barret
Isabeau: Cloud

Aeris is Barret's apprentice, Tife is a bar wench. I might switch those two around.
Vincent is a cursed soul who lives with Cid, Rufus and the Turks are one half of the power structure in the city, Hojo and the SOLDIERs are the other.

Sephiroth has just plained vanished, though he does play a part in this.

Nanaki travels with Zack at nights.

Cait and Reeve used to work for Rufus, but what the corruption that is Hojo out.

More will be figured out eventually. I have no idea who to cast as Jehan and Fornae. I'll figure it out eventually, but I'm actually having fun with these bunnies.

Stupid bunnies.

Next thing to be posted, I hope: next chapter of Another Chance.