February 2021



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This was supposed to be the Turk breakout for [info]madamhydra. Zack got fidgetty and couldn't wait. Let me know if you want a different ficlet for your bribe, [info]madamhydra


The problem with dealing with SOLDIERs is they never seemed to stick to the plan.

Tseng was frustrated as Rude reported in, but he didn’t let it show, on his face or in his voice. Especially with Rufus watching him. The cool blue eyes never wavered as Tseng was forced to listen to exactly what he didn’t want to hear.

“They got away, Vice-President.”

Rufus’s expression never changed. But, then, he had been through even a harsher school about learning to keep his thoughts to himself than Tseng had ever been to. “Very well. You know what to do.”

As the younger man turned and left the room, ignoring the bodyguards that fell in behind him, Tseng allowed himself the faintest of grimaces.

Trust a SOLDIER to fuck everything up.

He knew Zack was aware of the plan. He had it on very good authority that the Turk he had sent in had gotten the message to the man, even with him being in a mako tank.

Could something have gone wrong on their end?

Not that they couldn’t adapt. Turks were nothing if not adaptable.

Then plan had been for there to be a distraction as they had extracted Zack and his companion out of the lab, as well as another project. With Zack and Strife acting as a distraction, Tseng could get at least one part of the goal done.

Picking up his phone, he called the team that he knew was still in Nibelheim. “Collect the second package. He should still be located where the maps place him.”

Vincent Valentine. Turk, one of the best, if the records were to believed. Taken by Hojo before the birth of Sephiroth.

Now, to modify the plans for collecting Zack and his trooper. Rufus had been most insistent that the man be handled carefully. How someone like Zack Fair had cracked Shinra’s icy attitude, Tseng didn’t want to know. He had heard the rumors of the two of them, just like the rumors about Zack and Sephiroth. Maybe the man just had talent for dealing with arrogant brats.

Either way, he was not going to be the one to let Rufus or Zack down.

The man knew the Turks were on his side. So Tseng simply had to arrange a meeting between his people and Zack without the bothersome presence of troops.

It would not be that difficult.

They were the Turks, after all.


Zack was tired, sick, and more than ready to take a nap. But with Cloud resting heavily on his shoulder, and the sounds of pursuit behind him, there wasn’t exactly time to do anything like resting. Instead, he just moved.

The world had narrowed down to such a simple concept. Survive. Don’t stop moving and stay alive. If he stopped, he was well aware that he would probably never get going again. And if he got caught, so did Cloud, and Cloud was hurt bad enough as it was.

He didn’t know what had happened to the Turks, but when Cloud had stopped talked all together, and had just barely been aware enough to scratch the message back, Zack knew he couldn’t wait any longer. Not for help that never seemed to be coming. If he had waited, well, it would have only been him getting out.

Even now, Zack wasn’t sure how aware Cloud was, and if his friend would get better. He was positive that, given the time to rest and actually recover, Cloud would be fine. And it was up to Zack to make sure that Cloud got that time.

“Don’t worry, Spike. We’re going to get someplace safe, and when we do, we’re going to find the biggest, softest bed in the area and just sleep. Stretch out and everything.”

“Can’t offer that much, but we do have a wonderfully hard copter seat, with the promise of Rufus to keep you safe.”

The voice startled him, and Zack realized how out of it he really was. At least it was a Turk who had just made him jump a mile. “Reno, don’t you know how to sweet talk anyone? No wonder you can’t get any dates.”

Yeah, Zack was aware that insulting the person who, apparently, was here to rescue you wasn’t the best idea, but it was habit, and Reno’s grin was nice to see.

“Nice to hear that smart ass mouth of yours still talking shit,” Reno said, smirking at Zack. “I’m not the one whose date is sleeping on him. But if you can explain all about your shitty dating tips on the way back to Midgar. Mini-Boss wants to see you.”

“Rufus know you call him that yet?”

Zack wasn’t sure if he trusted the pair, but he didn’t really have a choice. Still, going home…sounded good. And Rufus was a good kid, even if he was trying to be a mini-Sephiroth.

“No,” drawled Reno, “and unless you want me to dropkick you from the copter, it’ll stay that way.”

Following them towards the machine, Zack couldn’t help but grin himself.

Felt like home already.


More please? This is great!
You know, I wasn't expecting a request for more. *is amused* Thank you, though.
... you weren't expecting requests for more? What on earth have you been smoking? *stares*
*snorts* Not everything gets requests for more, you know.
*laughs* That icon cracks me up.

Maybe. I hadn't exactly -planned- out more....
Nutcracker Ballet ftw! ♥
*snorts hard* Every time I see that, I think of Red Dwarf. So, what's it from?
The "Swoon" one? The Nutcracker Ballet by the Royal Ballet something something from England. Just some random old woman in the Stahlbaum's party, fanning herself after dancing. Screencaps from it allow for much iconing.

The "kickass" one? From a clip of this crazy song called Moskau that's hilarious for reasons impossible to determine (but related to the dancers' clothes, hairdoes and moves).
ooh, me like :D
*grins* I'm glad you do. It's always nice when people enjoy my stuff.
*cackles* Just like ZZack. can't wait for anything and has to improvise along the way.

*blinks big kitten eyes* More? Please? I'd love to see how this universe evelopes....
*grins* Yeah. Zack's like "You guys take too long. Leaving now." and goes.

Maybe. I hadn't plan on it, but I'm easily bribed. >.> And bunnied
um... I'm working on a story where Seph takes over the world with Cloud, Zack and Aeris by taking over Shinra? *grins* The begining of that a good enough bribe?
Yaaaaaaay for Zack being awesome and also apparently getting to live! Living is a good habit to maintain really...
Living Zack is always awesome. *nods* I really need to finish that fix-it fic of mine....
*sprawls at your feet* Reno-and-Zacksnark! Am I reasonable in assuming there will be much of that in this 'verse?
Reno and Zack snark is hilarious to read. I'm still amused by the snark that Reno and girlZack can get up to. Though they also produced a Axel.... Who is snark incarnate.

Maybe. I hadn't quite expected it to be this popular, so I might have to plan more.

Though it makes my little Rufus/Zack side happy.


Awwwww, is there going to be more? Me luvs it! And thanks for throwing Rufus in, I don't understand why people tend to neglect him so often.

And uh, sorry for being Anonymous. I got LJ just to comment awesome stuff like that but then everybody started moving to IJ... *sniff* one of these days I'm going to get an IJ too.
*grins* I left this journal open for anon posting just for this reason. I'm glad you like it. Rufus is fun to poke at. He's like a pissy kitty.
Mini-Boss is an awesome nickname for Rufus (and so very Reno).

Love the very lausible twist to the canon and how Zack is still himself even in the midst of the second worse time he's ever had in his life.
Reno is pleased with it. Especially as long as the man doesn't shoot him, and, after all, Rufus is still just the Vice-President at the moment.

Zack is stubborn. Especially in his Zackness.
Woohoo! Zack-fic, for me? And with Reno-snark, as well! ^___^

'Mini-boss'! ::snorfle::

Love the fic -- more please? -- but ... uh, can you refresh my memory? This is a bribe-fic for what, exactly? You see, I just got back from a 5-day trip to Walt Disney World with twin 7 year old girls, so pardon me if I'm a bit loopy at the moment. @_@
*chuckles* It was for writing the fic for Another Chance. And, goodness, how are you still sane? Two seven year olds at Disney?

Glad you like it. I had fun writing it, even if the muses were being stubborn over it.
Mmm, nice! Like that backstory a lot! Sneaky.
I have fun playing with things, though I will forever totally love AUs. *nods* Backstory is fun. It's why I'm writing Gracious like I am.
A bit late on my part, I know, but I desperately need a Rufus "mini-boss" icon now.
*snickers* Rufus is so offended at the title in my head.