February 2021



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Challenge Comms

None currently

Prompt Comms

Final Fantasy VII/Naruto crossover verse
3/25 completed, 3,255 words

Shifter AU(FFVII)
1/25 completed, 624 words

Final Fantasy VII/Heralds of Valdemar AU
2/30, 3,005 words

50/50, 12,302 words

20/50, 6,709 words

Fairy Tale AU(FFVII)
15/50, 3,310 words

Nobody AU(KH)
25/50, 7,710 words

Both Sides of the River AU(FFVII)
0/50, 0 words

The Song of the Wolf King, aka Egyptian AU(FFVII)
20/50, 13,066 words

FFVII General Universe
2/14, 1,316 words

Zack Fair: Interconnected COMPLETE
10/10, 15,541 words

Mercverse: Dain af Niohoggr
13/30, 23,057 words

164/484 complete, 86,895 words

With Others:

Sephiroth and Zack

Abel and GirlZack


Yeah, I need to work on some of those before I take anymore prompt communities. Bad author. Stop looking at the communities. And because I'm really bad...

Prompt coms techinically dropped, but only cause they were on LJ

Zack from [info]mercverse COMPLETE
25/25 completed, 9,263 words

13/25, 3,685 words

Mako Reactor
Sephiroth w/girlZackclone
2/100, 1,369 words

40/150, 52,872 words

Bribe List:
Zack invading a country accidentally for [info]sakura_no_prey: Here
Wiggly bits and poofy dresses for [info]dogmatix_san: Here
Wibble fic for [info]artimusdin: Here
Next chapter of AC for [info]ladynero: Here
Turk breakout for [info]madamhydra: Here
FFVII or Howl's Moving Castle fic for [info]chofi
Mercverse girls and Sephiroth interaction for [info]kitty_cracknip

Another Chance-COMPLETE
7 chapters/18,396 words
Everything Changes aka Blind Zack(Joining with prompts)
5 stories/5,379 words
Fresh Beginnings
3 stories/5,646 words
Oh Gracious Twist of Fate aka the story that will never fucking end
15 chapters/53,638 words
Nibelheim Burning aka the fic of a lotta broken people
9 stories/19,847 words
Thy Willful Enemy aka Ninja Zack
5 stories/6,982 words

With [info]skeren

Never Speak It
2 story/19,776 words

Yay for no life?

*still has no life* Let me know if I forgot a bribe fic or anything.


Gift Art

Hi, I'm delurking to give you a gift art from the Fresh Beginnings verse. The first one when Sephiroth was given Zack. The scene popped into my head and I sketched it out. I've had it for a while but had no access to a scanner.
I hope you like it. Also, I'm slowly working on CG-ing it, but classes have gotten in the way so it might be a while.

Re: Gift Art

*glees* Shiny! *bounces and goes to pimp it*

It's Colored!

I finished coloring it over break, might print out the lineart and redo it in colored pencils (lost the original lineart) later. Hope you like it. http://akiarashi0822.deviantart.com/art/Colored-Icedark-s-Gift-75958662


I... feel really dumb. D:

For some reason I can't for the life of me find chapters 6 and 7 of "Another Chance". The next-chapter-links stop at chapter 5.

(And sorry for the anon-comment; I don't yet have an IJ account.)

That should take you to chapters six and seven.

Sorry about that. I thought I had snagged all the posts leading to LJ. I'll fix that now.
All right, I feel weird with the randomly popping in here but I feel more weird friending without permission when you have no idea who I am, so here we go, lol

Hey! I'm Staci. I am very new to IJ and don't know many of the communities here so haven't joined many, but I really love your fics, so I was wondering if it would be cool if I friend you so's I can keep up with your fic posts? Your Zack is just so perfect and best, I'm addicted. ^___^
Sure. I like friends. *grins* And I always enjoy it when people like my fic. Feel free to friend away.
Yay! *claps* Grazie!
Just to let you know, the link for the FFVII/HoV crossover 'verse actually leads to the Shifter 'verse listing. :P


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