February 2021



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Fairy Tale

Well, all I can say about this fic is that it's different. It popped fully formed in my head the other day at work, and you can clearly see that I had spent the day before reading fairy tales.

FFVII fic, beta'd by [info]skeren, but any mistakes still there are mine. Hope you like it.

Once, there were three brothers. Those around them saw the brothers and all agreed that they had been touched by the gods. All three were fair and had eyes that glowed and had the pure luck needed to become great warriors without suffering injuries like so many others did.

The eldest brother had hair the color of moonlight and the eyes of a cat. He took his duty as the firstborn seriously, and went to great lengths to learn useful skills. He learned how to fight and how to heal so that no matter what happened he would be able to help his brothers.

The second brother was dark compared to his pale brother. His eyes were the color of violets and his hair the shade of the darkest, moonless night. He could see what others could not, and that lead him to learn a great many secrets that he held close. A few of his secrets were easy to use, like how a friendly smile and a hug would make his brothers smile.

The third brother, youngest of all, was the day to the other brothers’ night. His hair was bright and golden, his eyes the color of the sky. He was the most unsure of himself. To him, his skills at fighting were nothing compared to the first two brothers, and his gift worthless. He was not aware that his voice could soothe the troubles of his brothers’ hearts, only that they would seek him out when they were sad.

The three brothers were happy, though not everything was good. When their mother had died, their father had remarried. The woman he had taken was beautiful, but something in her eyes made the brothers uneasy.

It did not take long for their father to sicken, then die, and their stepmother’s wickedness became clear. She tried to seduce the first brother, because she was a powerful witch, and wanted his skills for her own. Her attempt failed, because the eldest loved his brothers too much to turn away from them.

So she stole his heart, so that he would love only her.

The other two brothers fought her, trying to save him. They nearly succeeded. The second brother saw what she had done and told the youngest to speak to their brother, for the witch had not stolen all his heart. When the bright child did, the witch felt the heart she clutched in her fingers try to escape. Unwilling to give up her stolen heart, she cursed the two youngest brothers.

She trapped the dark one in a crystal to freeze his too bright eyes, for not even an evil witch could slay a god-marked child. Then she stole the sunchild’s voice, so that he might not speak to her prey again.

But the gifts of the brothers were strong, and she could not lock them away fully. The middle brother had seen what she had planned, but not soon enough to escape fully. So he had used one of his secrets and found his soul resting in his younger brother’s heart.

The youngest himself did lose most of his voice, being too young to fully fight the witch’s power. The spark of power remained, though, and the witch saw it as well. So she made it into a swan’s song, so that if the boy ever spoke again, it would steal his breath and he would fade away.

Gleeful with her doings, the witch took her prize and fled, leaving behind her the two brothers trapped in one body. Both of them agreed that they had to get the eldest back, though neither knew exactly how. They began simply by taking that first step.

That step lead them down the path of many adventures, and many friends. The middle brother spoke for them, his words falling from the youngest brother’s mouth and all their friends thought that was the voice of the youngest. They did not understand that the golden child did not speak. No matter how much he wanted to at times, he kept his voice silent.

Eventually, through many trials and mishaps, the brothers found themselves facing each other on the battlefield. The eldest seemed not to recognize his once loved youngest brother, but as they faced each other, the fragment of heart he had left stirred.

The battle was fierce, and more than once the two brother-in-one thought they would die on their brother’s sword, for he had trained hard to protect them. Now that training had turned against them, and both feared for their lives.

Then, with his blade against their throat, the moon’s child found his heart for a moment. He looked down and saw the brothers he held in his grasp. Saw the violet behind the blue and heard the second brother’s voice coming from the lips of the third.

He remembered the love he held for them.

Instead of killing them, the eldest pulled them close and kissed them.

The witch saw all of this and cursed the eldest brother. She pulled him from the others and tore him into thirds. Then she scattered the pieces across the land.

She held triumph close for a moment, then was slain by sun child’s blade.

He had almost died, the youngest one. When his oldest brother had been torn away like that, he had opened his mouth to keen. Only the dark brother’s quick actions had stolen the sound from his brother’s mouth before it could be uttered. Deprived of one form of grief, the youngest had taken his vengeance on the witch.

The quest began again. Now, instead of looking for their brother, they were looking for pieces of him.

When the found the first, they found the parts of their brother that loved to play, to fight, and to be with others. The part that held his strength and the arms that held tight when there had been nightmares.

That piece was defeated, and vanished like mist. It had been disturbing to watch something that looked like their brother vanish like that, but they pushed on.

The second piece was harder. It held their brother intellect, his cool, calm wisdom. That part fought as well as the first, and was far more dangerous. This one was dispassionate, and did not lose its temper like the first. But its trickery was well matched by the middle brother’s secrets, and its lack of passion led it to be destroyed by the youngest brother’s will.

In the third piece, they found their hardest fight. This one had the first pieces passion and the second’s cool. This one was the most like their missing brother, with his drive and will. They almost fell to it, but succeeded at last.

When the third piece vanished, their brother stood there once again.

Their joy turned cold, however, when they saw the bloody wound on his chest. Somehow, the witch had shredded his heart when she had torn him apart, and they found themselves once again battling the one they had been seeking.

This time, though, it was the youngest brother who knew the secret. He whispered an apology to the middle one, and then went still. The eldest brother’s blade was sharp, and did not hurt as it pierced the chest of the youngest.

Blue eyes burned as they meet green cat eyes. Opening his mouth, the youngest brother spoke.

“I love you.”

With those words, the eldest brother gasped as his heart returned fully, the witch’s trickery finally pulled loose from him. He saw watched in horror as the blue faded from his youngest brother’s eyes, leaving only violet, and the sword that still ran through the youngest brother’s body.

The middle brother was not willing to gain one brother and lose the other, though. Even as he found himself in control of the young body he spent another secret, and he clung frantically to the youngest brother’s soul.

Pulling the sword from the body his brothers shared, the eldest quickly healed them. There was relief in his eyes as he was the faint hint of blue in the violet. When the middle brother had explained what had happened to them, the eldest nodded, and together they traveled home.

Once there, they worked together to free the night child’s body from the crystal, and to bring the youngest back fully. That required much magic and patience, but finally, they were able to see the blue glow in the youngest brother’s eyes again.

When he woke up from the darkness, the youngest brother once again knew what to do, and pressed his lips to the still ones of the middle brother. Violet faded from his eyes and appeared in the middle brother’s as he opened them once again.

Then, together again, they returned home, happy to be able to rest together again.

The End

Also, look at my happy happy, joy, joy. [info]seanmonster made me shinies. Aka: Seph and Vinnie.