January 2019



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More fic. Different fandom, though. This time it's an angsty Yu-gi-oh! You can blame Wrath for this one, as she expressed interest. *grins* Enjoy.

Fandom: YGO

Hands are such amazing things, aren’t they?

They seem so simple, something you take for granted, at least until it dawns on you just how complex they are. With all the tendons and muscles that you need to move each one. All the parts needed to just move the fingers.

Yami had the most amazing hands. The weird part was that they were exact duplicates of my hands, down to the scar I got when I was seven. But, to me, Yami’s hands were beautiful. When he touched me, I could –feel- the love he had for me flow through them.

Sounds egotistical, I know. Loving hands that are the exact same as mine. But they weren’t, not really.

What do I mean? Oh, nothing much. Yami’s hands were always so warm, and mine…. Well, feel.

Yeah. Cold, aren’t they? You flinched hard enough. Funny, really. Really, really funny. Warm hands called forth the shadows, and cold hands call light.

Oh, you like that, huh? Think it’s cool that I can make my fingers all bright and shiny? It’s not.

Now my hand stings a bit. But it’s worth it to see that red mark on your face. Kinda like a sunburn.

Don’t look at me like that. Like you think I’m the monster under the bed. You made me this way.



How dare you! How dare you ask me that! You have no right to ask me how you caused this. I am Yugi, the light half of a soul! A light half that is now the only half of a soul. Who might be condemned to be a half-soul for the rest of creation.

You destroyed Yami, that’s how.

You were just trying to help me? That has to have been the most arrogant thing I’ve ever heard. And I spend time with Kaiba.

How does tearing my soul in half help me? How does feeling the one thing on earth that makes me complete dying suppose to help me? How does taking the sheltering shadows away HELP ME!?

Ha! Hahahahaha! Oh, by Ra, you are fools.

I’m too pure for him? He was destroying me?


The shadows are safe. They shelter you from the heat of the light. And, don’t forget: the light can kill.

Didn’t you wonder why I didn’t have any friends until after I completed the Puzzle? Not really. Only Anzu ever hung around me.

It’s because I am the Light. It makes you uncomfortable to be around me too long. Compare it to standing under the sun at the peak of summer. Do you know how it feels to have wave after wave of heat slam down on you?

That’s me. Don’t deny it, I am not a total fool.

Though I am a fool. I knew you guys didn’t like Yami. Yami knew it, too. He made the comment one day that he half expected something like this. The day you guys destroyed the Puzzle in order to “save me.”

Oh, it hurts to realize that he was right. And to think I’m the one who told him you’d never do it. I’d like to apologize to him. But I can’t.

Because you took him.

Now, unprotected by the shadows, you have to deal with the light.

Now the glowing fingers scare you. Moron. You should have been afraid the moment you ever thought of destroying the Puzzle.

But I’m stalling. Ryou should be close to done by now. It was Honda that got the Ring. And the pair of us decided that we need to team up to go after Grandpa. He’s got too many advantages on us otherwise.

Goodbye, Jonouchi. I know it burns a bit, but, think of it this way: Soon a lot of people will burn like this.

If we kill enough, they’ll eventually kill us. Then, if we’re lucky, Ryou and I will join our other halves.


I really need to stop this angst fics.