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[info]icedark_elf wrote
on December 22nd, 2007 at 12:17 am

Second half of Alphabet Meme

All right. Here we are. M-Z. This batch is unbeta'd, just like the last. Hope you enjoy.

M- Mother: Zack and Kadaj, [info]chibirisuchanThat's right. I suck at turning people away

Kadaj watched as the brown haired woman spoke to his brother, a hungry look on his face. Did Brother know how lucky he was to have her attention?

“You look any harder, they’re going to notice.”

It was the dark haired one. He was around Mother, and Kadaj wasn’t sure how he felt about that.

A hand ruffled his hair, and he scowled. “Come on. Your brothers just showed up, and I want to see Spike before my girl sends him home.”

Reluctant to leave this Mother, as he had been forced to leave the other one, Kadaj went to say hello to Loz and Yazoo.

N- Nutcracker: Tifa, [info]elanor_pam

It was almost soothing, really. Just the repetitive crack of the shells breaking as she worked through the season’s harvest of nuts.

It had been a while since she had done this. Not since her mother had been alive.

But when Cloud had brought home the package of nuts, grown in trees around Nibelheim…. Well, it was a good memory, and soothing as she felt the shells crack in her hands.

O- Ostentatious: Zack/Nanaki, [info]skeren

So, what did you think of their act?

“You believe it was an act as well. That does not bode well for their changes of gaining entry into our home.”

Nanaki sighed, shaking his head, tail twitching faster than normal as he looked up at the shade that had taken to visiting him. He was sure it was due to Cloud’s more frequent visits, not to mention the fact the lifestream was strong here. But when the dark haired man that Cloud had called Zack had begun to appear, he had not just shown up to Cloud. He seemed to have taken a liking to Nanaki as well.

It was nice, though, to speak to someone who was as cheerful as Zack was. Even if the man was dead.

Everyone had a fault or two, after all.

P- Playful: Zack (with Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud, of course), [info]kiraya

It had taken a while, but Zack finally got Seph convinced that, no, Zack was not trying to irritate him, he was trying to tease him. To play. Not that Seph got the entire concept of playing. Though he had learned.

Zack couldn’t help the goofy grin that spread on his face when he thought about how well Seph learned.

It had been much easier with Cloud.

Though Zack wasn’t sure if he liked the look the pair got with it had dawned on them that they could team up on him during these little games.

Especially when Seph smiled like that.

P- Performance: genderswitch materia, Aeris, Cloud, Zack, Sephiroth, [info]rosethornlimake that three double sets

They were a pretty sight, and Zack would have teased Cloud for the expression on the man’s face if it hadn’t been for the fact that Zack was well aware his expression was just as goofy.

Aeris and Seph were kissing. While that was usually pretty enough to make Zack smile, this was even better.

Seph had been playing with that gender material again. And then he, now a -she-, had pounced Aeris.

Just to give them a show.

Zack would definitely have to thank him for it later.

Q- Quixotic: Sephiroth/Cloud, [info]dracontia

It was amusing to watch the puppet, to see him struggle to hold onto the idea that he was a real person.

He wasn’t. Not anymore.

But it was still an amusing struggle to watch.

Sephiroth rewarded the boy for it, on occasion, slipping into his dreams and making them vivid, realistic.

Real dreams for false reality.

R- Righteous: Rufus/Cloud, [info]dracontia

It was almost painful to watch the pair of them interact. Both so righteous that it made his teeth hurt. The tension didn’t help either.

And when cold words seem to fade into snarls, both managing to drive the other to the extreme, he pretended not to watch, though he did. It was his job.

When snarls devolved into a less…verbal form of communication, he pretending to not watch.

If Rufus wanted it known what he and Cloud got up to, he would leave marks on the man that would still be there when the other returned to the bar.

S- Sparkles: Sora, Zack, [info]croixsouillees

“See, if you do this, it makes them go like….that!”

Sora watched in awe as the birds spun in place, wings flaring and thousands of sparkles falling everywhere. He couldn’t imagine how something that was mechanical could do something like that. “Whoa! Who made that?”

The man, Zack was his name, grimaced a bit. “Originally, I think, they were made by assassins so they could poison parties. But using them as glitter bombs is much, much cooler!”

Sora nodded rapidly.

Who knew Cloud had a friend who wasn’t all gloomy like him?

T- Tentacles: Vincent/?, [info]dogmatixwhat a surprise. *grins*

The sounds of destruction were not expected, and the lab tech looked up just in time to be hit by the train.

Well, he was hit as hard as if he had been hit by a train. And his last thoughts were wondering where the demon host had gotten limbs like that.

Not that it would matter for him ever again. Vincent ruthlessly tore the lab apart, something that wasn’t really him in the driver’s seat, though he couldn’t figure out what had driven this new demon to waking.

When he entered the other room, and saw two tanks, one filled with a mass of…tentacles, he understood.

After getting the first, man out, limbs curling through each others, even if he wished they would stop, Vincent looked into dazed, violet eyes.

“Thanks,” came the first words from the stranger, voice raspy from the mako, and Vincent wondered just how long the man had been in the tube. “Guess I’m not the only wiggly around. And stop looking at me like that, Spike. I can call them wigglies if I wanna. They are on my butt!”

Wonderful, Vincent thought, leaving the one man to collect the blond in the other tube. He had found the one experiment with a sense of humor.

U- UST: Sephiroth/Cloud, [info]jessara40k

The dreams were annoying. The idea of touch, but with no actual touch.

Cloud wanted to scream. He swore that Sephiroth was doing it just to annoy him. To distract him.

There was no way he was attracted to the man.

V- Vampires: Zack, Cloud, Sephiroth, Aeris, anonymous

This wasn’t exactly what Aeris had been intending when she had managed to get them all out of the Lifestream so that -maybe- they could finally get Sephiroth healed from Jenova.

Or maybe it was the cost of coming back to life like this. Though a backdoor, and definitely not approved of, not like sending Cloud back all those years ago.

He was with them now, still different, but he didn’t care what she and Zack had to do. Sephiroth as well. Hell, he had even offered to feed them. Sometimes, they took him up on it, but his blood was too rich, too much like what they left to do often.

Sephiroth reveled in the hunt, but, afterwards, he was more like he had used to be, according to Zack.

Maybe this was the cure. She didn’t know.

But at least they were together.

W- Waltz: Aeris/Sephiroth, [info]mitsuhachi

She is tiny in his arms, and Sephiroth frowns slightly as she stepped on his feet. In return, the little girl smiled at him, a tooth missing.

Aeris never seemed mad at him, or unhappy, and he wondered how the child could be like that.

But he never asked. Instead, he spun her around, dancing with the little girl as her mother sang for the both of them.

X- Xenophobia: Sephiroth/Cloud, [info]croixsouillees

“Don’t you see. They hate us. You and me both. We are different, more than them.”

Sephiroth purred the words into Cloud’s ear, lips brushing the skin, hand flat against Cloud’s stomach as the blond leaned back on his chest.

“You are like Mother and me. Wouldn’t you join us? Away from those who fear you, hate you, just because you are different.”

A moment of quiet, and he felt the puppet’s agreement before Cloud even said the word.


Y- Yak: Sora/Riku, [info]purple_alicorn



“Let’s never do that again.”

“Sounds good, Sora.”

Both of them raced for the bath, wanting to get the smell of the animal off their skin.

In the future, they would have to remember that some parts of Mulan’s world could only be traveled by yak.

Z- Zack: Sephiroth, Cloud, Kunsel, [info]croixsouillees

The best thing about wanting to find out information on Zack, Kunsel thought, moving away from the conversation he had overheard between the General and the little blond trooper, was the amazing amount of people that he interacted with.

That’s what made Zack so much fun.

That, and the fact that he flirted with everything that moved. Kunsel didn’t have many people flirt with him.

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