January 2019



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More Axel-reborn-as-Zack ficbits.

Shin-Ra had apparently finally done it.

Zack had been having bad dreams anyway, but now, given what he saw boiling out of the ground in front of him, he wondered just how real these dreams were.

Not that he really had time to think about it now. Especially has he had gotten backed into a corner by the black…things that had shifted up from the road, eyes glowing yellow. Last time he had seen eyes like that, the creature they went with had been trying to eat him, and something said that these were probably interested in the same idea.

And the Buster hadn’t seemed to do much good, as long as he had had her. Those things were fast and strong. Now, arms covered in bleeding scratches, some pretty deep, Zack swore to himself.

Idiot. You got weapons, right there. Just take them.

Voice in his dream. Seemed to fit, as these things, or something a lot like them, were in his dreams as well. Didn’t think his dreams were coming true, but…it couldn’t hurt to try.

Reaching out, in a way he only vaguely recalled from mostly forgotten dreams, Zack blinked in surprised as circular weapons flared into reality in his hands. They rested easily on his finger tips, fire flickering along the metal.

The things before him drew back, and he pushed his shock away for a moment. Later, he would try to figure out what the hell was going on. Right now, he had things to deal with and people to gather up.

Smiling sharply, he was unaware of his eyes flickering green for a moment. “Well then,” he said softly, “let’s see if these do as well in reality as they do in my head.”

Heat erupted around his hands, and he met the renewed attack head on.

Time to play with fire.


... I always knew Zack was a little pyro. *amused*
He is. A happy one, at that.
I just. I mean! Eee!

*Flails incoherently at* So much ♥
*grins* Excellent reaction!
*blink**grins* EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
You know, the first time I saw Axel I went, "It's Zack! With FIRE!" SO MUCH LOVE. I'll go away and stop abusing the caps now.
Zack. With fire. An awesome combination.

*grins* And abuse away on the caps. It's nice to see.
*pencil flies out of hand in stunned shock and amusement*

Oh, Zack. ♥♥♥
*grins* Glad you like it. It's a fun image in my head.
*laughs, shaking head in amusement* It's adorable. And Zack's all, whee, spinning fire wheels of shadow-thing doom! I can just imagine how everybody else would react to it, if they saw.

Mind if I make fanart? Zack doing the arms out, spinning chakrams thing is just waaay too cool.
Oooh, please? I do so love fanfic, and it always makes me want to write more.
*laughs in sheepish embarrassment* I ... can't write? I can barely draw, but yeah.

In response, I give you plotbunny!: what-if the FF characters in KH weren't in fact Canon!FF characters, but rather from alternate worlds of their own that were destroyed by the Heartless. So if AU!Zack had Axel and both AU!Zack and Axel died, does the memories of AU!Zack and Axel go to the next closes Zack in terms of mentality/heart/yourcurrentZackwhoroxxmysoxx?
Whee!!! Now Zack's really flamin' hot!

::ducks and runs away from the bad pun police::
Oh, that was just bad. Very, very bad.
Flaming spinny wheels of DEATH!! And Zack, with that *grin*. -cuddles and gropes him before pushing at Cloud and Aeris- Spiky hair is the sign of a true hero!
*snickers* Zack just flailed at the grope. But, yes, giant spinny wheels of death. And fire. And spiky, spiky hair.
So... if Zack is Axel reincarnated, does that mean that the others are just reincarnations of themselves? Or are they reincarnations of other KH characters?

Still, Zack with Axel's flaming chakrams... I pity the rest of Soldier. ♥
The others eventually reincarnated as themselves, but since Axel was only part of a person, he reincarnated differently.

[info]skeren is trying to convince me that the people we see in KH is when they were all Cetra, which is why they do magic without materia.

Make her stop?
Ah, I see.

Why? I think she has a point...
Zack+fire+spinny wheels o' doom= Squee! :)
Oh thank you so much for the lovely image. I've only just started KH2, and now I'm going to be thinking Zack thoughts while I play. Dag nabbit.
Your plot bunnies are evil, but I love them.
*snickers* They are ever so evil, but they are such fun to play with, too.

When you play KH2, you will see -lots- of moments where Axel acts like Reno, and just as many where he acts like Zack. It's full of the shiny.
*prrr* Oooo, shiny :D Liking this very much.