January 2019



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Random snippet

Curse you encouraging people. It's just a bit of scene, but gah!

Cloud glared at the men who stood between him and the door. "Let me pass," he said, expression dark.

"We can't let you take the demon out of the village," said the ANBU softly. "There is too much danger."

Cloud's eyes glowed, and the ninja before him shifted slightly. They had all be trained to avoid conflicts with Mako users, but they had a duty to keep the demon vessel where it could be watched.

"Naruto is not the Kyuubi," the blond said, anger clear in his eyes.

"Besides," came a second voice from behind them, "that is the kid's cousin, and I'm pretty damn sure that you guys have all sorts of laws saying that clan obligations come first."

The leader of the ninja turned, and almost sighed. Zack grinned at the reaction, his own eyes glowing fainting. That made the contacts in his eyes burn slightly, but he didn't dare take them out while in a hidden village. Especially around the ninja in said village. If they saw Zack use the Sharingan he would never be rid of them. Either they'd be after him to join their village, or they'd be trying to kill him to keep him from joining someone else's village.

Honestly, ninja were almost as bad as Shin-Ra when it came to family secrets.


O.o Have I mentioned that I love your 'random snippets'? No? Well I do. <3 <3

Aw, Cloud's so cute when he's being all protective.
*grins* He is. And I'm glad you like the random snippets. They are pretty random.

*snugs the Cloud* He is all "hells, no, you are not keeping my baby cousin here. I already see how you people treat him". Which make him pissy at the people doing it.
O_O Woah. So very intrigued!
Its in my brains and won't go away. *pouts at the bunny that triggered this*
*is amused that once again, you can't resist the bunnies* This is interesting, and... erm, sorry, I can't help but want to see more. *ducks*
If I ignore them, they chew on my brain at three in the morning when I try to sleep.

*mutters and has already found self plotting*

Is it bad I'm considering this for my nano fic?
::sly look::

There, that wasn't so hard, was it? ^_-

::gives the plotbunnies little voodoo drums::
*sighs* I think this just turned into my nano fic for the year. *beats head against hard surface*
Iruka sighed and knuckled his back a bit before raising his voice to be heard. "SHUT UP!" Almost all the juunin listened.

"Alright, so Sound has hooked up with Rock and are trying to gain favor with Shin-ra. Sand has a juuchinkirii, the Third is dead, and you've all had your asses kicked. It's going to get worse before it gets better." He turned a dark eye over tha gathered elites and wished for the thousandth time he wasn't so organized and carefull in his job that he ended up dealing with half psychotic ninja masters.

"Asuma, Kurinai, Raido; you three are being sent after the healer Tsunade, don't come back to the village without her. Kakashi, Genma, Anko; you're to retrieve the kyuubi vessel. Bring his family if you have to. If they won't come or relinquish claim, make sure he can't fall to Orochi. Ever." They'd already lost Sasuke and half the Hyuuga clan. The other families were still weak, the school at half capacity after the wars and demon attack twelve years ago.

Looking out over the sea of angry and carefully blank faces, the chuunin wondered which of the brave souls facing him would be the next to crack. Who else was waiting to go traitor like Mizuki? Who was going to run like Sasuke?

"Gai, you get the best job of all. Go to Wutai and re-establish relations. They may be a small hidden village, but they have the best mako users. We're going to need them."
*grins* Wheee, the bunny spreads. Go forth, my bunny minions!
*beams* This? Makes me so very happy.
I totally blame you for this. You and [info]kemis *nods*
I have little AU bunnies involving Cloud and a little brother he'd raise on his own - thanks to the mental image of Cloud in battle with a baby on one of those baby carriers on his back. That kid would be one hell of an incentive for Cloud not to let any weapon get into reaching distance.

Now that baby is Naruto. Damn.

(Note to self: pick the naruto manga back up.)
*snickers* Wheee!

You know, in the fic I'm plotting, Sephiroth does come back....


And yay, I mess with other people's bunnies!
Drat, I may have to brush up on Naruto. XD (Oh god, Gai vs. Yuffie...)
*laughs* You're the second to say that.

Damn picture. It joined with the Zack as Uchiha bunnies. *pouts*
*cracks up madly* That would be made of so much awesome, and automatically come with a drink/food warning. xDDD

This. Is. Awesome.

Uchiha!Zack and Namikaze!Cloud are just too cool for words. BTW, will Naruto still be called Uzumaki in this fic or will he take his father's name?

I worry about Zack, though. If he were to take Sasuke in after the Massacre no amount of therapy will EVER cure that child. *shudders* ^___^
Oh great...about two minutes after posting this the bunnies start attacking MY brain.

I hate you sometimes...

*headdesks* I'd been thinking about a NarutoFFVII crossover for a while, and you just gave the bunny rabies.

If Cloud is a Namikaze, Zack is Uchiha, then you know Vincent has to be related to Kurenai somehow...
*cackles* Spread bunny minions!

You are awesome, Ciceqi-san! Do more, if you want to. This is so interesting~

Yes. All you write is gold. ^^

Rose. Li
*amused* I'm not Ciceqi, but that is an awesome compliment. Thank you. *happy bounces*


this is almost as bad as the reincarnation plot-bunny that bit me last month.

ff7 reincarnated in Naruto

Sasuke-Zack. Awakened by the curse Seal, CS burned away Sasuke's personality. Zack in control. Be afraid.

Hinata(sp)-Tifa. Awakens just b4 the fight w/ Neji in the finals, rather than the pre-limns. Stomps him like nobodies business. The thought makes me giggle.

Sikamaru(sp)-Cid. The thought of him going from "Troublesom" to "Shut up and drink your @*$^ tea!" made me snort my milk out my nose.

Aeris(sp)-Sakura. Wakes up last, after getting training from Tsuende. the thought of Aeris becoming a beat-stick makes me very happy.

Naruto-Cloud. Loud and out-going, to quiet, focused, and very, very dangerous.

Kyubi- is actually a Summons. Orochimaru found his Materia and called him against the village. and I'm going with the theory of "A Summons only appears for a limited amount of time" and "you can only force a Summons to appear once. After that, if they don't like you, you're outta luck" If the 4th had waited 10 more seconds, the Kyubi would have vanished on his own. This is a source of much agrivation for the fur-ball. He is also the youngest of the Summons, having come into exestance 200 years after the end of ff7, and 1800 years b4 Naruto.

Sephiroth-Neji. Awakened after Hinata was named heir to clan, and she used her victory over Neji and a secret law to get the cage seal removed from him, and it's continued use banned.

Yuffie-Tenten. don't know why, but the idea appeals.

sigestions on everyone else?

oh, and Hojo and Janova don't come back. They just have a lot of fun picking on Orochimaru and Itachi.

The damn furball won again...

You know, I really should learn not to read anything on your journal before I go to bed. I wake up with the nastiest bunnies chewing on me.

Sephiroth vs. Tsunade Boss Fight!

Despite the ache in his muscles, he held masamune solidly, tip aimed at his opponents heart. It was a shame, he thought, that he would have to kill this one, for the first time in many years, he had truly been challenged. Pushed and attacked until his Limit Break triggered. He couldn’t help but wonder if the battle lasted longer, could another Limit Break trigger? Perhaps a second wing; one to balance out the first that had grown in on his left shoulder.

If he had known that such a high-level opponent was within the hidden villages, he wouldn’t have argued against attacking them for so long. He actually had to exert himself.

His opponent seemed to be in the same state, her punches-very powerful, able to even crack his bones, her knowledge of medicine-he had quickly discovered that letting her touch him as a Bad Idea, and her sheer experience. He had been surprised when her illusion dropped, revealing a woman older than Hojo!

Lady Tsunade, Fifth Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

He would truly regret having her hearts blood on his blade.

He watched her sink lower in her crouch, the expression telling him that these would be the last blows. He wasn’t the only one to realize that things were coming to an end, that the fight to decide where Uzumaki Naruto would spend the rest of his life. Either with the ninja; blamed and outcast, believed to be the demon he wasn’t. Or with Shinra; dodging Hojo and Heiddigger every day after.

Said boy had been knocked unconscious within the first few minutes of battle, and now lay some ten feet away.

Sephiroth shifted to a two-handed grip; unfortunately it was time to end this-

“Hey Albino General! What do you think you’re doing! Attacking an old lady!” Bright orange clothes muted by the dust, and seeming none the worse for his unconscious state, the boy stood, an indignant look on his face as he pointed at Sephiroth.

The youngster then turned to point at Tsunade. “And what the heck is an old hag doing out on a battlefield anyway, shouldn’t you be in a tea house some where harping about the good old days or something?”

Total dead silence consumed the area; the only moment was the few in their audience-most notably a silver-haired Jounin, a scared academy instructor, and two spikey haired men-who knew the boy well.

The silence was broken by three sounds, all happening at the same time. The first was the sound of metal hitting metal as the masamune made contact with Naruto’s headband; the second was the sound or flesh on metal as Tsunade’s fist hit the same, the third…



Quiet! You god dammed brat!”

Sephiroth didn’t know which was more impressive; the three foot deep crater the boy made when he hit the nearby slab of concrete, or that he was still alive and conscious when Zack hauled him out, brushed him off, propped him up, and stared listing off The Ten Commandments Of What Thou Salt Not Discuss In Front Of Women.

The look the two combatants shot each other was of equal parts annoyance, exasperation, and complete understanding.

“You know, tea does sound good right about now.”

Propping masamune on his shoulder, he considered things for a moment, and then decided, why not?

“I happen to know a little place that serves a very good green, if you would care to join me?”

Those watching the fight didn’t know where to look; the General and Hokage, walking off, arm in arm, Zack giving Naruto a very through lecture about women, the silver-haired man flat on the ground laughing his ass off, or the blond, spikey haired man who was currently trying to bash his head in on the same concrete slab Naruto had gotten to know so well.

*is also betting five Zack-bunnies that this becomes an official comm*