August 2018



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It's very odd. I've gotten called a BNF again. Well, a reference to a point where I was somewhat called a BNF. But BNF was used. And this time it wasn't someone accusing me of something, it was something of a real compliment. It's very strange feeling, as I've never really wanted to be a BNF, as most of them are bizarrely insane. I'm nuts, but I like to think I'm nuts in the way that doesn't cause issues for people. I babble at people and I write the bunnies in my head. If people have really nasty things to say to or about me, I just tend to ignore them. Hate requires far too much effort to hold for someone I've never met, and will probably never meet. If they want to hate me, more power to them. Free world and all of that. They can even spread lies, if they want. I have the people that I enjoy talking to, and who enjoy talking to me. Those are the ones who really matter to me. They know the truth, because they tend to talk to me on a regular basis.

Why has being a BNF turn into what it is today? Oh, I know the people who claim BNF status for themselves tend to be mocked, but why do people use it the way they do? Most of the time, people use the term BNF as an insult, or as a way to try to drag people through the mud. If you don't like someone, you accuse them of being a wannabe BNF, which is strange, because most people I know don't want to be BNFs. Mostly due to the reputation they have. Ninety percent of them are -insane-. Seriously. Not in a good way, either.

Still, does this mean I can ask for Ipods? *snickers*


(*poke* I hope you don't mind that I friended. I've been lurking since you switched came from LJ I figured there was no reason to not friend)

At the base of the BNF concept is the idea that the person in question has become popular enoungh for everyone a lot of people to know them, since you're so prolific as a writer (fanfics, communities, challenges, ect.) You were kinda bound to end up being called that sooner or later. It's not really a bad thing, it just means your around enough that people know you, know of you, read something of yours...

The negative connotation comes from a couple bad apples (-_- god, no pun intended) in the bunch. The BNF who've abused their popularity in various ways over the years. Also, it comes from just straight-up old fashion jealousy, not just "wannabes" but people who *want to be* just a little more known, more popular, more liked and so on. It's not good, but it is kinda normal.

Still, I guess the best way to deal with a BNF title is to just ignore it. It's not like you asked for it and it's not worth the effort of trying to run around getting everyone to stop calling you names. *shrug* Just keep doing what you're doing, the rest will sort it's self out ^_^
Friend away. I'll return the favor in a bit.

I was? >.> *snickers* I do tend to be prolific at times, don't I?

*laughs* I know all about Cassie Claire, and she seems to be the one that keeps popping up in mention. And I never would have expected anyone to be jealous of me.

I tend to ignore it, as if they are going to call me things, me throwing a fit isn't going to do a damn thing. Just like anything else. It's more amusing than anything.
Er...What's a BNF?
It means "Big Name Fan". In other words, a fan who has become famous in fandom circles.

The most notorious BNF in online history is Cassie Claire.
Oh. Thanks.

I've never heard of Cassie Claire, what fandom was she in?
Cassie Claire was mainly in the Harry Potter fandom (surprise surprise, the 'net's biggest BNFs are all HP), mostly known for the Draco Trilogy and more-so for a huge plagiarism scandal that erupted over it.

She also wrote the Very Secret Diaries of Lord Of The Rings - a comedy parody of FotR. She apparently was going to do the succeeding movies but never got round to it.

She was also one of the people in the infamous laptopgate - she and someone else got their laptops stolen and there was a whip-around online to buy new ones, and somewhere along the line someone also bought her an ipod - hence ipod jokes in connection to BNF status.

As far as I understand it, from a couple of big "Tell The World The Truth" thingies on JournalFen (one was about MsScribe - a massive sockpuppeteer - and the other about the Draco Trilogy plagiarism) Cassie was very heavily involved in the building of Fiction Alley - the huge HP archive.

These days I have no idea what she's up to, I think she's had something pro-published at some point.
o_O Wow, She did get a lot done didn't she.

Very Secret Diaries of Lord Of The Rings
Isn't that the thing where 'Still not king' 'Still the prettiest' come from?

*Makes plans to become a BNF to get a new laptop XD*
Yep, that's where the 'Still not king' 'Still the prettiest' phrases come from! (As well as being the inspiration of one of my Vayne Solider icons on LJ - "Dear LJ, still not emperor").
Mimi got it. The first time I heard it was in a chat with some of my FMA friends. I heard the term, and got the ever so unhelpful answer of "You're one" when I asked what it meant. I was so confused. Finally found the definition, but I've always been amused by the term since.
"You're one" is a such a very useful answer isn't it. *rolleyes*

So when are you getting your i-pod? XD
*Sheepish* Is this because of my comment on Fandom Bound?
*grins* It's okay. It was just like the, I don't know, third time in a few weeks that the term BNF and me have been used together. It's more funny than anything.

Though I'm happy I got a legion of whorish fansluts. One day, we will rule the world.
Yes, we will, and there shall be pie. Glorious pie. And some sex to but I'm holding out for the pie.
Mmmm... piiiiiiiiiie.


(from arin_rowan)
I did that thing where I ignore all the subtext surrounding the term and looked it up on wikipedia. In my eyes, from that definition, you are a BNF.
Because you've written things that feel like an integral part of the fandom. Because you've created AUs that make me feel like shaking my fist at Sqaure-Enix and yelling "fans are doing this and you give us DoC?" Because Ravens and the Blind Zack universe were two of the first fanfics in FFVII where I found myself playing with them the same way I'd play with canon. Because you write things that inspire people and bring them joy, and a lot of us would be saddened if you stopped.
...No, you can't have an ipod. Ipods are evil. I'd give you my discman but it's also currently busy being evil. And I need it.
(stops being sidetracked) So as someone who floats around fandoms without attaching insults onto words that are defined as good things since I'm too busy being distracted to realize people have somehow decided to make them bad things, I think you are a BNF. In the ORIGINAL sense of the word.
*grins brightly* Wow, thank you.

Poodoo, no ipod. *grins* Sidetrack is good, and you are always welcomed to play in my universes. Just let me know.

Wow, this totally made my day. Thank you.
I agree with arin_rowan. You're an inspiration. While I'm still not very good at it, your the one who inspired me to begin to write FFVII fics in the first place. Before that I always just read and longed.

You can do things with characters and their personalities that make their creators break down in tears of sheer inadequacy.

And we all love you dearly for it. ^___^