July 2020



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Fic: Arguments and Wandering Off

Title: Arguments
Author: GW Katrina aka [info]icedark_elf
Beta: [info]skeren
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Characters: Cloud, Vincent, Rufus, Cid
Claim: Vincent/Cid/Cloud/Rufus
Prompt: 08-Wunjo for 24_runes
Wordcount: 289
Rating: PG

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Cloud hates it when they fight.

The problem with being in any situation where people dealt with each other was that disagreements popped up. The more people, the more frequently it seemed to happen. When you were sleeping with said people, the level of fights took on whole new properties.

For instance, at the moment, Cid and Rufus were railing at each other. Cid was getting fairly loud, and Rufus was coldly snapping back. Not good, not at all. Exchanging glances with Vincent, Cloud simply withdrew. Both of them knew that there was no interrupting. All that would do would be to add a new element to the fight, and Cloud really didn't feel like fighting right now.

"Of course the space program got canceled. Why would Shin-Ra want to leave it in the hands of someone who couldn't even control his own people?"

That made Cloud and Vincent both freeze and give each other looks that almost edge on panic. For them, at least. There were certain things that nobody poked at. Period. It just wasn't done.

Trust Rufus to take a sledgehammer to one.

"Funny, thought that was cause that fat slob you called father was too busy being led around by the nose. Course, he kept Shin-Ra going. Only took you what, months, to run it down. Even if you blame Sephiroth, it still wouldn't have last."

Both men were stiff backed and almost snarling.

Cloud wasn't going to deal with this. Let them fight it out on their own.

Knowing where to hit was just going to turn the fight vicious, and he had no desire to stay and listen to them tear each other apart.

Turning, he walked out of the room.

Title: Wandering Off
Author: GW Katrina aka [info]icedark_elf
Beta: [info]skeren
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Pairing/Character: PuppetKitty
Theme: 07-Detour for 25_streetsigns
Wordcount: 175
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Squeenix owns FF7. Pegunicent created PuppetKitty.

To find the rest of the prompts, go here.

Wandering Off

He had enjoyed the human-thing that had joined him in the travel. He really had. The man had known where the itchy spots were, and it was nice to have him there.

Still, cats are easily distracted, and even the voice that called in his head couldn't keep his attention all the time, so he found himself roaming after things that caught his interest. He tended to wander back, as human-thing managed to keep them going on a straight path. But, one time, he had roamed a little far, and human-thing was nowhere in sight when he roamed back.

Silly human-thing.

Slightly put out, but still moving, he decided that, maybe, they would would meet again eventually. After all, they were both after the voice, which still murmured in the back of his skull. It called him, and he really couldn't help but answer it.

Though he did take the long way, distraction after distraction detouring him from the straight path.

Besides, what was the fun in a straight line, anyway?

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You really should post these or a link to these in the Final Fantasy VII asylums - [Bad username: materia_play"] and/or [info]ffvii_yaoi.

I know that I enjoyed them and I am sure the asylums would too.

Unless you are shy, of course. ^_^
ack! That would be [info]materia_play.
Okay, let's try that -again-.

*snickers* I just keep forgetting to do so. I post to [info]ffvii_fandom as well. Just got to remember to start doing so. *goes to post*

Glad you liked them.
Whoa, that's some fight you got there, the make-up-sex will be mind blowing I'm sure.

Kitty certainly has the right idea with the detours.
I would hope so. That, or Cid is going to drown Rufus. One of the two. It'll be interesting no matter what.

PK loves his detours. They entertain him. And find him fun things to play with/feed him.
*hugs Cloud* When things turn that way, fleeing the premises is the only smart thing to do.

Awww! Poor kitty, all alone! *scritches him*

*changes mind, scritches them all*
Cloud is very much "I am -not- being dragged into this." And I can't blame him. Those are the fights you want to avoid.

Kitty isn't too unhappy, though he does miss the scritches already.


I've seen fights like that before. Like a trainwreck waiting to happen. Unfortunately, unlike Cloud I end up trying to mitigate the damage some how...

- Salmastryon
I don't blame Cloud for running. Sometimes there are fights you just don't want to get dragged into.
*whimpers* Cloud. Quick, grab Vincent and *run*!

*giggles* Kitty's so much fun...
I wouldn't blame Cloud if he did. Those are the types of fights where it's better for everyone to just hide and weather out the storm. That or end up sucked into it.

He is. *scritches the kitty* Fun to write, too.
There were only two ways to ensure silence out of Zack; knock him out or gag him. It was more preferable to knock him out in Itachi's opinion, the younger boy was so much less trouble asleep. He couldn't knock his little brother out all the time though, so sometimes he had to settle for a gag, and if the best gag he could find was his own mouth? Well, it was worth the price of a little peace.
Whee! Ficcy!
If I was Cloud I'd have been like "Call me when your done being morons.", and left the room, probably dragging Vincent with me. ^///^ I like kitty! *scratches kitty's ears*